Getting Started

How to set up voicemail

How can I create an announcement?

What is an announcement?

Setting a temporary / holiday closed

How can I add a IVR Menu / Auto attendant?

What is an IVR menu / Auto attendant ?

What is the Unlimited Bundle?

Outbound Calling Bundles VoIP SIP

Call Bundles

How much does a phone number cost?

How much are the call charges?

Are there any hidden costs?

What payment methods are available?

Will my call credit expire?

Checking a call cost

Card payment requirements

Refund policy

My inbound calls are failing

How do I cancel my account?

Failed registration errors

Reactivating a deleted or removed number

Ring time and mobile devices

Migrating or merging accounts and phone numbers

VoIP/SIP & Outbound calling

Problems calling out

VoIP/SIP outbound phone number formatting

What is VoIP/SIP?

VoIP/SIP over wifi

Installing a VoIP User / Device

Using the mobile device native SIP dialler

What is a Call Whisper?

Calls from Withheld numbers

Auto Topup

Finding out when services and bundles expire

Cancelling a phone number, bundle or service

Registration line + nuisance call blocking

What are Call Channels?

How are we so low cost?

Why have a virtual telephone number?

Do I need a landline telephone?

Can I have more than one number?

Editing my call forwarding group members

How do I manage my number?

Do you offer a voicemail service?

Do I need to purchase or install any special equipment or software?

What caller ID is shown on incoming calls?

Can my new number be forwarded to multiple phone numbers?

What is a call forwarding group?

How will the calls be routed if I have more than one forwarding destination?

Can all my Number People numbers be forwarded to the same number?

If I leave Number People, Can I take my number with me?

Can I forward calls internationally?

Is there a usage policy?

How can I get a good / memorable phone number for my business?

Can I move (port) my existing number to Number People?

Free trial period

Registration services – Stripe, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc

Account verification

How to view your call history

How to view and edit where my calls are forwarded to

How do I top up my account?

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