Reactivating a deleted or removed number

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If you have accidentally deleted a number from your account, or if your number was removed from your account due to non use. There are 2 things that you need to be aware of-

1 – the first number that is added to your account is free, additional numbers cost £1 per month

2 – our systems will look for accounts with no numbers and suspend the account as part of the clean up routine that allows people to easily cancel an account by deleting the number.

If you were paying for your number either as an additional number at £1 per month or any other memorable number then your number may still be held in reserve on your account.  If so you will see it listed under your services section on the portal. If it does show then simply making a top up to your account will automatically renew the number.

If your number has been completely removed from your account, then you can try to add the number back to your account yourself via the customer portal. Just click on “my numbers” then click on “add new number”. You can then use the number selector to find the number and add it back to your account. 

 If you can not see the number then you can get in touch with us and we can check if the number is still available and add it back to your account.  There may be an admin charge to reinstate the number for you. To request this, just raise a support ticket using the help topic “My number has disappeared”