0843 Non Geographic Numbers
Want to look and sound like the big guys? More and more businesses are now using 0843/0844 non geographic telephone numbers to attract new customers. With all of these benefits, there has never been a better time to get an 0843/0844 non geographic number for your business.

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When using VoIP you need to register your address for 999 services. This information is sent directly to the UK 999 emergency services and used in the case that you dial 999. This information can be edited later via the portal but address registration is mandatory to comply with Ofcom regulations

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Whatever your business size, having an 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number is a great way to attract new customers and give your business the look of a larger enterprise.

Getting an 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number is simple and much lower cost than you might think.

Calls to your 0843/0844 phone number can be forwarded to any UK or international landline or mobile or a combination of numbers. You can make changes to the call forwarding set up or add new numbers on our easy to use online portal.

There’s no need to install a new telephone line, sign any long contracts or purchase any costly equipment, your new 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number can be up and running in no time and with no upfront or monthly costs.

An 0843/0844 number brings a national ‘big company’ professional look and feel to your business, widening the appeal for your business to the whole of the UK and increasing advertising responses.

There is no initial cost or monthly charge for an 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number, you simply pay for the call forwarding charge or add an unlimited UK call forwarding bundle.

Add VoIP/SIP users at £1 per month each and make calls outbound displaying your number as the outbound caller ID (CLI). VoIP/SIP users can receive calls free, distribute inbound calls between users and call each other FREE. You can find out more about this VoIP/SIP service here.

Try an 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number for your business today, you can use it for as long or as little as you need it, and you won’t be disappointed.

0844/0843 number costsCost
0844/0843 number upfront cost£0.00
0844/0843 number monthly fee£0.00
0844/0843 number activation fee£0.00
Unlimited bundle for 01,02,03 & 0843 number£10 per month
Unlimited bundle for 0800 number£20 per month
Pay as you go forward to UK landlines£0.015 (1.5p)
Pay as you go forward to UK mobiles£0.07 (7p)
Minimum call charge£0.01 (1p)
Calls rounded up to the nearest penny£0.01 (1p)
Contract duration0 months
Customer services/support (UK based)24/7/365

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  • Instant, simple online activation
  • Forward your calls to your existing landline or mobile
  • Go UNLIMITED from just £10 per month - covers all of your forwarded calls to standard UK landlines or standard UK mobiles
  • Add VoIP/SIP users @ £1 per month - receive calls free and make low cost outbound calls
  • VoIP/SIP users can call out displaying the new number as the outbound caller ID (CLI)
  • FREE Call Whisper Service - Activate Call Whisper and a message will be played to you (not the caller) before the call is connected, this allows you to recognise that the call is from your Number People number.
  • International call forwarding also available
  • No card details or upfront payment required
  • Free trial
  • Huge range of 0843/0844 telephone numbers to choose from
  • No monthly fees
  • No contract or minimum term
  • Low call forwarding rates
  • Give a professional, big company look and feel to your business
  • Online portal
  • Benefit from more calls
  • Widen your appeal to the whole of the UK
  • Give your company a national presence
  • Sound more professional - even if you’re working from home or shared office
  • An 0843/0844 non geographic telephone number can serve as your primary phone number, but can also be used as a support or sales line
  • Live call stats - monitor your calls live via the online portal
  • Update your call forwarding live via the online portal
  • Customer services and support via our online chat, customer portal or via telephone
  • Add as many 0843/0844 non geographic or other telephone numbers to your account as you need
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