Failed registration errors

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If you have attempted to register for a free account with us and have had a registration error then this may be because of one of the following reasons-

1 – Sometimes our systems receive such high volumes of registrations that they become overloaded, so it is worth trying again in a couple of minutes to see if the same issue occurs.

2 – Temporary/ghost email address – if you are registering using a temporary/ghost email address service then these are banned and we automatically reject these submissions.

3 – You already have an account – you can only register an email address against one account, so if you try and use the same email address more than once then this will be rejected – if you wish to close the original account in order to re-use the email address on a new account then simply click on SUPPORT and request that the account is shredded first.

If you are still having issues with account registration then please contact us using the CHAT facility on our website or click on SUPPORT and select to create a new account, and we will process this manually for you.