Auto Topup

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Auto top up is a great way of managing the balance automatically on your account.  Our auto top up service works by topping up your account when your balance falls below a set level.  You can pre-configure your auto top up settings yourself and top up from as little as £5.

How to set it up


From the Dashboard click on “Auto Top Up”


Click on Enable Auto Topup

Then set your top up levels, here you firstly set your “trigger amount” and then set the amount to top up.

e.g In the image below we have set it so that if balance falls below £3, then top up by £5

Then just add your card details which will be used for the top ups & Save as default

You should then see that those settings have been saved.  You may notice that the auto top up facility can sometimes take several minutes to top up your account, so don’t worry if this doesn’t happen straight away

Please note, if for any reason your card payment declined, then we will automatically remove the payment method.  This is too avoid repeated declined transactions. If your card does decline then please contact your card provider before adding the same payment method, or just add a new card