What is VoIP/SIP?

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VoIP allows you to make outbound calls and receive unlimited calls free over the internet, instead of forwarding calls to a mobile or landline network.

VoIP users cost £1 per month, however we automatically add this service FREE for the first month, allowing you to receive unlimited calls as well as make outbound calls using your virtual number.

If you prefer to forward calls to mobiles/landline and do not wish to use VoIP then simply delete the VoIP user under the SERVICES section of the portal once you have logged in.

Many users install our free VoIP app and use this on a mobile device. This acts like the normal phone dialler, but works over your devices internet connection or wifi.

Using this app on your mobile you can receive calls FREE as well as make outbound calls that display your virtual phone number as the caller ID, and any calls made come out of your credit balance on your account with us. Your mobile network operator (EE, o2, Voda etc) will not see the call so cannot bill this.

With VoIP you can do the following-

– Receive calls FREE* (anywhere you have an internet connection)

– Make outbound calls

– Display your virtual number as your outbound caller ID

– Add more VoIP users at £1 per month

– Distribute inbound calls across VoIP users

– Call other VoIP users free

*if you are using a virtual 080 freephone number then calls will cost 7.5p per minute