Are there any hidden costs?

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There aren’t any hidden costs with Number People.  We offer straightforward pricing, clearly display costs and don’t tie you into any long term contracts either.

Your first number with is is free, unless of course you choose a memorable number which start at £5 per month.  If you need any additional number these are charged at £1 per month.

You can add a VoIP user to your account for just £1, this means that you receive calls for free and also have the ability to make outbound calls showing your new Number People phone number as your outbound caller ID.  Most people use this via a mobile app installed on their mobile phone, but it can also be used on a desktop device or with a SIP compatible physical phone.

If you prefer to forward calls, then you can forward calls practically anywhere in the world.  You pay for the call forwarding which costs just 1.5p per min to UK landlines and 7p per min to UK mobiles (use our rate checker on pricing page for other destination costs)

You can also add call bundles to cover either your call forwarding or outbound calls.  Our lowest bundle costs just £1 per month and you can add an unlimited bundle for just £10 per month. Our bundles also cover lots of international destinations

We also have a great range of features available such as Voicemail to email. IVR menus, customised call greetings plus much more.  These can be added onto your account at anytime for just a small monthly fee.

Calls made to an 0800 number will always incur an incoming call cost of 7.5p per minute plus any call forwarding charges.