How much are the call charges?

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Pay for what you use, use VoIP/SIP or add a bundle – it’s up to you….

* 1st phone number – FREE (unless you opt for a memorable number from £5 per month)

* VoIP/SIP user – FREE for the 1st month then £1 per month

Receiving an incoming call via a VoIP user is free

If you are forwarding your calls to a landline or mobile number then you will pay for the call forwarding.  Forwarding to a UK landline costs just 1.5p per minute and UK mobiles costs just 7p per minute.  


Call bundles

You can add a call bundle to your account to cover your incoming or outgoing calls.  Our bundles start at just £1 per month and cover many international destinations


If you need to check how much it would cost to forward or make a call you can use our online rate checker on the pricing page


Calls made to an 0800 number will always incur an incoming call cost of 7.5p per minute plus any call forwarding charges.