Registration services – Stripe, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc

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Use your Number People telephone number as a single point of contact for your customers so they can call you by phone or call and chat free using Whatsapp and other registration services 

How to use whatsapp


Once you have registered your Number People virtual telephone number with Whatsapp you will be able to communicate directly with anyone else who uses the Whatsapp service, free of charge.  All that you will need is the Whatsapp app running on your mobile device or PC.

Registering your Number People virtual telephone number with the Whatsapp service is simple.  

Once your account with us has been successfully topped up with credit then simply go to the Whatsapp app and register using the phone number.  You will receive a call back from Whatsapp which will read out a confirmation code for you to enter into the Whatsapp app to complete the registration.  That’s it, tell the world your business is now on Whatsapp.

Please note that Whatsapp registration calls are not allowed when your account is in TRIAL, however, you will automatically be able to register for Whatsapp once you have added credit to your Number People account.