If I leave Number People, Can I take my number with me?

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Want to move a number from Number People to another network?

Sure, no problem – you can port your number to another network, however there will be a fee for porting away, which is outlined in our latest terms and conditions, which are always available on the footer of our website.

To start the process of porting a number to another network please raise a support ticket by clicking on SUPPORT.

Please note that when porting away you firstly need to contact us to prepare the account accordingly.

When porting a number away your account will automatically be placed on to the call forwarding only option. This means that all calls will be forwarded to a destination number. Any call forwarding bundles at this point will cease and any remaining time left on these bundles will be credited back to your account on a pro-rata basis. Also any VoIP services will cease and be credited pro rata.