What are Call Channels?

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Call channels are like virtual phone lines, each call either received inbound or used for an outbound call uses call channels.

If you are using your Number People telephone number to receive a call forward to either a landline or mobile, then this actually uses 2 channels.  The first channel is used by the number being called and then the second channel is used to forward the call to your number.

Forwarding calls to a VoIP user does not use any channels, making an outbound call via a VoIP user uses just 1 channel.

With this in mind, when we create your account we give you 5 call channels free allowing you enough “lines” for you to receive make calls without any issues.  We find that for most customers this free call allowance works perfectly for them, but if you are expecting lots of incoming calls at once (if you want to use it for a good advertising campaign) or if you want lots of people in a call group to be able to answer the call.  Then you may want to consider adding additional channels 

If you see blocked call alerts from us, then simply purchase more channels from the portal to increase your call capacity. Channels are purchased on a 30 day cycle, so you can add or reduce these as necessary.