Is there a usage policy?

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Number People have a usage policy in place, which helps us to maintain our low cost, high quality service delivery.

Firstly, you will need to test the service using the free test credit within the first 30 days by making a test call to your new virtual phone number, and making sure that the call connects. If you do not make a test call to the phone number within this initial 30 day period then the number will be automatically removed from your account. If you havenā€™t topped up your account after 30 days of your trial period ending then we will also presume you no longer need the account and it will be cancelled.

Additionally, our usage policy means that if your telephone number is not topped up within a 150 day period, then we will deem the account inactive and will be cancelled.

More information on our policies can be found in our terms and conditions which are available from the links at the footer of our website.