Adding your first VoIP/SIP device

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Number People VoIP services can be used on any kind of VoIP/SIP device.

Most people use a VoIP app on a mobile phone, which takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Full instructions for the VoIP app installation are available via the link below.

Installing your first VoIP/SIP device

Please also see the following information for adding new VoIP users to your account, and background keep alive settings.

How to add outbound calling to your telephone number

Keep alive and battery optimisation settings

Some mobile devices will work perfectly happily with the VoIP app, however we recommend checking your battery optimisation settings, which differ on each device manufacturer. The VoIP app needs to be flagged in the optimisation settings to avoid it being stopped in the background, otherwise the app can stop working until you open it again.

VoIP phones and ATA Boxes

VoIP phones and ATA boxes work perfectly happily with our VoIP service.

To program any VoIP device you will normally need the following information-

1 – Username
2 – Auth Username
3 – Password
4 – Domain

Programming a VoIP phone or ATA box differs depending on the manufacturer, but if you follow the steps HERE and at step 5 select to SHOW CREDENTIALS then this will show you the required credentials.

If you need further help programming your VoIP device then please raise a support ticket, selecting the relevant help topic.