VoIP/SIP & Outbound calling

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Making outbound calls using your Number People virtual phone number is simple.

You can make outbound calls (which display your virtual number as your outbound Caller ID (CLI) using our VoIP/SIP service. This simple service turns your phone number in to a virtual phoneline, allowing you to make and receive calls on the virtual number.

Try VoIP FREE for a month

VoIP/SIP is free to test! When you activate your free account with Number People we automatically activate you a VoIP/SIP user free for the first month, then it only costs £1 per month per user.

Setting up the VoIP app

Please use the following link in order to set up your first VoIP/SIP user.

Installing your first VoIP/SIP device

If you are an iphone user then please follow the last steps on the following link, or the app will be stopped in the background.

How to add outbound calling to your telephone number

Outbound Call Costs & Bundles

Once you have set up the VoIP/SIP user you will be able to make outbound calls at our great flat rate call rates of 1.5p per min to UK landlines and 7p per minute to UK mobiles.  You can also call international numbers –  rates can be found on our pricing page.

You can also add an outbound call bundle. To do this simply look at the bundles on our pricing page and raise a SUPPORT TICKET to request the bundle.

Add more VoIP users

You can have as many VoIP users (or extensions) as you need, so a group of staff can all call out using your new number as the outgoing caller ID.

VoIP users can use the zoiper VoIP app on their mobile phone/tablet/PC or laptop, or can program a VoIP phone and use it like a real cordless or desktop phone.

VoIP users each get an individual extension number, and can call each other free just by dialling this extension number. This allows you to call between devices like a laptop and a mobile phone free of charge.

Incoming call distribution

VoIP users can also be grouped to receive calls, allowing you to distribute incoming calls across multiple VoIP users. To do this simply add them on the FORWARD CALLS TO section of the portal.

You can also blend VoIP and phone numbers in the destination group, so the nominated VoIP users will ring alongside the mobile or landline numbers listed.

For more information on our simple to use VoIP/SIP service please use the following link.