Virtual Phone Line
Get a Virtual phone line for just £1 per month with your first month free!

Virtual phone lines are a way of being able to make and receive calls without having to install any physical BT lines. They offer huge flexibility as lines are not ties to a particular location, meaning that you take your virtual phone line with you wherever you go and stay connected to your business or personal calls.

Number People automatically give you a virtual phone line when you get your first number from us and we give you the first month free allowing you to test it out yourself - this means that you can receive calls with no call forwarding charges, and also make outbound calls presenting your new Number People telephone number as your outbound caller ID.

If your happy with your new virtual phone line, then after your first free month, you will just pay £1 per month per line. If you would prefer not to use it then you can simple cancel it yourself via the customer portal.

So, how does a virtual phone line from Number People work?

When you activate your free account with Number People, we automatically activate your telephone number and forward calls to your specified telephone number. We also activate a VoIP/SIP user FREE for the first month, and add this to the call forwarding group, so you can receive calls on either the destination phone number, VoIP/SIP, or both.

This VOIP/SIP Extension is your virtual phone line and can be used on multiple devices;

  • A SIP / VOIP enabled phone can be programmed to use with our accounts meaning that if you want to use it in a home or office setting then it's just like using a normal phone for staff or family members, so it would be a very familiar “normal” experience to use the phones for outgoing and incoming calls.
  • As a mobile app - Simply install the Zoiper softphone app on your mobile phone and then scan a QR code we give you to instantly set up a softphone extension on your mobile phone. Your outgoing and/or incoming calls can then be made via the application (bypassing any call forwarding charges to your mobile)
  • A standard phone can be used alongside an ATA box (Analogue Telephone Adapter) to enable the phone to be used with VoIP / SIP. Once the ATA box has been provisioned, the phone can then be used to make and receive calls using your new virtual phone number.
  • On a PC or laptop - By simply installing a softphone app on your PC or laptop, you can use that equipment to make and receive calls. This would also require a headset with a microphone to use for the calls (like you would do for Skype)
  • SIP Trunks Lots of larger business use SIP trunks connected to their phone systems to expand lines, add more users and enhance flexibility to their existing systems. If your business has a phone system which can be expanded using SIP Trunks (an IP PBX) then our VOIP / SIP extensions can be programmed as SIP Trunks to make an receive calls via your existing business phone system, meaning that you don’t have to replace any existing hardware equipment.

How to get a virtual phone line

Well, its really simple actually - just sign up for one of our virtual phone numbers below , and we automatically bundle up the virtual phone line with the number and give you the first month free! So get yours today, no contract, no commitment cancel anytime!

Why use a Number People Virtual phone line?

  • Free Number - use our number selector to find a free UK phone number
  • Straight forward flat rate outbound call charges - just 1 ½p per min to UK landlines and 7p per min to UK mobiles
  • Just £1 per user per month
  • Receive calls for free, no call forwarding charges* when forwarding to VOIP / SIP
  • Add as many users as you need
  • Great alternative to a BT line - no install costs or expensive line rentals
  • Distribute incoming calls across users
  • FREE calls between users
  • Call out displaying your new number as the caller ID
  • Easily change call routing using our mobile portal
  • Forward calls to mobiles/landlines/VoIP/SIP or a mixture of all
  • No complicated codes for fiddly set up
  • Choose any number, a UK geographic, 0843 national, 033 local rate, 0800 freephone
  • Port in your existing telephone number

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Divert to landlines for 1½ppm. Mobiles for just 7ppm. 0800 numbers cost an additional 7½ppm.

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Top up as and when you need to, or opt for your balance to be topped up automatically - it's up to you!

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No contract ties, commitments or initial payment required

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