What is the Unlimited Bundle?

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Number People offer 2 different Unlimited call bundles, unlimited inbound call forwarding and unlimited outbound calling.

Unlimited INBOUND call forwarding bundle

The unlimited call forwarding bundle can be added onto your new number and will cover all of your UK forwarded calls – either to your UK landline or UK mobile.  If you get either a 01,02,03 or 0843 number then the unlimited bundle is just £10 per month. If you have an 0800 number then the bundle costs £20 per month.  

You can add the Unlimited call forwarding bundle via the online portal once you have activated your account.

Unlimited OUTBOUND call forwarding bundle

The unlimited OUTBOUND bundle is activated against a VoIP user, and allows that user unlimited outbound calls to standard UK landlines and mobiles. This bundle costs £10 per month on top of the £1 per month cost of the VoIP user.

Unlimited outbound calling is added by clicking SUPPORT and requesting the outbound bundle, which is then processed manually, and we will let you know when the process is complete.

Terms and Conditions for the Unlimited Bundles can be found with the footer of our website.