Registration line + nuisance call blocking

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We have automated systems that identify both registration and nuisance calls.

Registration calls are automated inbound calls generated by a user in order to attempt to register for a service like whatsapp, Ebay, Amazon, Stripe, Facebook and so on.

These services require a landline telephone number in order to register, and play back a code over the phone that the user can use to manually register their account.

When our systems identify inbound calls from registration numbers then these are automatically blocked, so these numbers can never call any of our customers again.

Nuisance calls are identified in a similar way, and when our systems identify these we automatically blacklist these in the same way, so that these numbers are unable to call our numbers.

If you wish to block a call yourself then you can do access CALL BLOCKING features via the dashboard, which allows you to block entire number ranges, even countries on both inbound and outbound calls.

If you would like any further information on our call blocking then please contact our customer services team using our chat facility, or raise a support ticket via our website.