Re-activating a deleted or removed number

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If you have accidentally deleted a number from your account, or if your number was removed from your account due to non use, then then there are 2 things that you need to be aware of-

1 – the first number that is added to your account is free, additional numbers cost £1 per month
2 – our systems will look for accounts with no numbers and suspend the account as part of the clearup routine that allows people to easily cancel an account by deleting the number.

To manually add a number back to your account please simply log in to the portal, and under the NUMBERS tab add a new number. If you cannot see the number that you want then you can ask us to add this manually.

If after adding the number back to your account the number does not appear to work then just raise a support ticket.

Asking us to manually add a number to your account

Requesting a number to be added back to your account can be done by clicking on SUPPORT and raising a ticket, selecting the option to add a deleted number back to the account.