Outbound Calling Bundles VoIP SIP

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VoIP users can add a call bundle to reduce the cost of calling outbound.

Any of our inbound call forwarding bundles are now available as an outbound calling bundle, so to view these just look at our pricing page on the link below.


To activate an outbound call bundle you will firstly need to have a VoIP user active on the account, which the bundle will be applied to.

VoIP is activated free for the first month when you activate your account, after this it costs £1 per month.

To view more about our VoIP service please see the link below.


To register your bundle simply create a support ticket by clicking on SUPPORT on our website, and let us know the bundle that you would like and the name or extension number of the VoIP user to add the bundle to. You will also need to top up by at least the cost of the bundle.

We will then let you know via the ticket when this is ready to use.