Card payment requirements

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To maintain our very low costs we need to automate our processes, including payments.

We accept credit or debit card payments via our 3rd party card providers. This is a self service system that links to our portal and allows you to top up whenever you need more account credit.

The criteria for card payments is as follows-

Cards payment requirements

1 – registered 3D secure
2 – accept liability shifting from the donor bank

Card rejection reasons

1 – insufficient funds
2 – “Do Not Honor” rejection from the bank
3 – non 3D secured card
4 – non liability shifted rejection from the bank
5 – hard decline from the bank such as fraud

Card rejection actions

Anti-fraud checks

If our automated system find actions like multiple failed payment attempts, fraud rejections or similar, then the systems will automatically do the following –

1 – suspend access to your account
2 – depending on the rejection, the systems may cancel your number pending investigation
3 – email you on your registered email address to ask you to contact customer services to discuss your account

In this case just follow the instructions and customer services will investigate your account.