Call forwarding set up

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Call forwarding

First time users

When you activate a new account with Number People, you tell us the destination that you would like inbound calls to be forwarded to. This can be a mobile or landline destination, or VoIP/SIP.

This information is automatically set up on your new number so its ready to use as soon as your account is verified.

Please note that your account may have been automatically activated with VoIP/SIP free for the first month, allowing you to receive unlimited inbound calls FREE. To check to see if you have VoIP/SIP free simply visit the portal and view SERVICES.

Click here for VoIP/SIP information for first time users

Changing your call forwarding destination

If you need to change the destination of your inbound calls then simply follow the instructions below-

1-Log in to the portal
2-Click on NUMBERS
3-Click on the virtual number you wish to edit the destination calls for (you may have several virtual numbers with us)

This is the section that allows you to add more destination numbers as well as VoIP users.

You can blend destination numbers and VoIP/SIP users, allowing you to make both ring at the same time. Keep in mind that mobile number destinations take longer to connect than VoIP or landline destinations. This is because of the time to connect across mobile networks, which is typically around 1-2 seconds longer than wired networks or VoIP/SIP.