Auto Topup

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Auto Topup is a great way to manage the credit balance on your account, removing the need to manually monitor your balance and top up when necessary.

Auto topup configuration

To configure the Auto Topup facility simply follow these steps-

Login to the portal and click on TOPUP

Select to Manage Auto Topup

Before you can set up the Auto Topup system, you will need to add a payment method, which is the card that will be used to make payment automatically.



Complete the card details as shown, and the system will validate the card by taking 1p and then refunding it.

Now you can configure the Auto Topup system

Here you can set the –

trigger level, which is the minimum account balance at which point the Auto Topup will be triggered.
Topup amount, which is the amount to top up by


Failed topups

If the Auto Topup fails to take the requested payment due to circumstances like insufficient funds, then it will only try one more time and then the Auto Topup service will switch off.

If this happens then we will email you to tell you that the credit failed to apply due to a problem with the payment, and ask you to make a manual credit topup.