Introducing our International Call Forwarding Bundles

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Forwarding internationally just got a whole lot cheaper!


Let your customers, family and friends contact you on a UK telephone number without you having to worry about the cost of answering the call internationally.

From just £7.50 per month you can now add one of our fantastic international bundles, saving you in excess of 50{09ca64b3b8d0a5d4de2fc2f58b729f4a56bfb4c48623efe62be2707defe06696} compared to our non bundled rates

How to choose the right bundle

Choosing the right bundle is simple, just visit our website pricing page and using the rate checker, simply enter the telephone number you will be forwarding to.  If your destination is included within a bundle then this will show in the available bundles tab.  Depending on the destination, it may be included in multiple bundles, so in this case just choose which one you you prefer!

View the rate checker

Adding your bundle

Once you know which bundle you need, simply add it to your number via your online customer portal – you will find them under the “Add/Manage services” & “Bundles” section.  Once you have added it the bundle will be ready to use straight away.


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