Help - Number Group now costs a minimum of £30 per month!
If you are a Number Group customer, then you should have received an email that they are introducing a minimum call spend of £30 per month, starting from June 2018.

What Happened?

  • Firstly Number Group added a 10p per call connection fee, so each and every call you made or had forwarded made them 10p.
  • Now Number Group have announced that they are changing their terms from the 1st June 2018 with the introduction of a minimum use policy. The email that they have sent customers tells you that that you will now have to spend a MINIMUM OF £30 PER MONTH PLUS VAT with them.

Number Group aren’t stupid, they know that they will either get £30 per month from you, or charge you £45 to port your number away to another network. What will they do next?

What can you do?

Number Group customers can port their numbers away to other providers, or continue with their Number Group accounts, paying the 10p connection fee per call and minimum spend of £30 + VAT per month.

What to do next

Look for a telecoms network that offers similar services, that has a proven ability to port numbers away from Number Group.

We have successfully ported over a hundred numbers away from Number Group recently.

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Who are Number People?

The team behind Number People own and operate an Ofcom registered telecoms network and have supplied the communications industry since 1996.

We also own a number of other brands in the industry, providing service at all levels from single users to multi-national enterprises.

Unlike lots of our competitors, we are a network and not a reseller, meaning that we have our own number ranges directly from Ofcom, we interconnect with Tier 1 providers, and we can port numbers numbers from most providers, including Number Group/BT/Telecoms Cloud etc.

We are already in the process of successfully porting more numbers away from Number Group for other customers.

Exclusive offer - Port away from Number Group with no porting in fees

Port your number from Number Group to Number People FREE - Yes every Number Group customer that ports their number in to us will receive FREE number porting for the first number, then £10 per additional number.

Porting normally takes around 14 days, so be quick and start the process today.

We can port in any type of Number Group telephone number
  • Non Geographic - 0800/033/0843/0844/0845/0871 etc
  • Geographic - any UK area code including 0203/0207/0208/0121 etc

Why use Number People to port your number away from Number Group?

Thousands of end users across the globe rely on Number People every day.
Number People are a prepaid virtual phone number provider, offering the following-
  • Top up from just £5 using a credit or debit card
  • Auto top up - automatically manage your credit balance so you never run out of credit
  • New geographic and non geographic numbers are FREE!
  • Wide selection of memorable numbers available from just £5 per month
  • Low call rates, from just 1.5p per minute to UK landlines with NO CONNECTION FEE
  • Simple to use, mobile optimised web portal
  • UK customer support

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