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UK Virtual Phone numbers are FREE with Number People

With a choice of around 1 million FREE virtual phone numbers covering every UK STD code, FREE 0800 freephone, FREE 0843 and FREE 033 phone numbers, Number People are one of the best and lowest cost virtual phone number providers in the UK.

Instant online setup

Quickly get a telephone number up and running with instant online activation, NO upfront costs, NO monthly charges, NO contract, NO card details needed, FREE trial, LOW call forwarding rates plus FREE VoIP for the first month.


When you register your free account we give you a FREE virtual phone number as well as VoIP FREE for the first month (normally £1 per month). VoIP allows you to receive unlimited calls free over the internet using a FREE app. See our VoIP page for more info.

Probably the lowest cost VoIP in the UK

Our FREE virtual number and VoIP service gives you a fully functioning virtual phone line which is ideal for home or business use. Receive unlimited calls as well as make low cost outbound calls FREE for the first month, (£1/month after that). Ideal for all small businesses and home users.

Free test credit

When you set up your FREE account we give you a small amount of FREE TEST CREDIT that lasts for 30 days. This allows you to fully test out your number and call forwarding as well as services like VoIP without paying anything up front.

Pay As You Go

You automatically start on the STANDARD Pay As You Go plan, which means that you just pay for every call, which is ideal to start with and for very low use.

Call Bundles

Add a call bundle to cut the cost of forwarding calls or making outbound calls over VoIP.

Call bundles cost from just £5 per month with no contract. Try our unlimited bundle for £10 per month for unlimited UK mobile and landline calls.

The simplest choice for numbers and VoIP

There's NO minimum monthly spend, NO commitment, NO contract, FREE VoIP for a month and FREE test credit. We give you everything you need to get started.

Keep your own number

If you already have a phone number with another provider then port it to us! Ask us about porting your number(s) to our network.

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Talk Plans

When you activate your free account you will automatically be on the STANDARD plan. To change talk plan simply purchase a bundle via the online portal.
Talk plan bundles last for 30 days with no contract or minimum period.

Unlimited call forwarding

Unlimited Call Forwarding for your new number for just £10 per month*

International call forwarding

Get a UK number which can be forwarded virtually anywhere in the world

Make outbound calls

Make outbound calls using your new number as your caller ID

Speedy set-up

With no hassle or fuss you can quickly activate a telephone number of your choice with no upfront payment

Low call rates

Divert to landlines for 1½ppm. Mobiles for just 7ppm. 0800 numbers cost an additional 7½ppm.

Pre pay

Top up as and when you need to, or opt for your balance to be topped up automatically - it's up to you!

No contract

No contract ties, commitments or initial payment required

Mobile portal

Make instant changes, view balance, top up and add more numbers via our mobile portal

Free trial

No initial payment required - test your number for free before you need to top up


Sarah Bailey – Absolutely excellent service and support

Absolutely excellent service. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a virtual phone number. They even went the extra mile in spending hours helping me to set up my VoIP phone to configure it to receive and make calls, and were happy to answer any queries I had. Absolutely fantastic support cannot recommend enough. Well done guys!

Ian – Easy and very quick to set up

Easy and very quick to set up. Loved that there are no upfront or recurring costs so a low risk option for start-ups with flexible options.

Skyfpv – The very best and the cheapest !

The very best and the cheapest !
After endless searching of considerably more expensive companies I came across “The Number People”.
Their system exactly fills my requirements in every way from costs to an amazing memorable number that was free.
Telephone customer care is also second to none


How do I change or add divert locations?

When you need to update the call forwarding destination for your virtual phone number, simply follow the instructions below-

Click to select your number

Here you can add multiple destination phone numbers as well as add VoIP users. Anyone listed here will be called when someone phones your virtual number.

Each virtual phone number on your account has its own destination group, however if you have multiple numbers and want them all to point to the same group then simply raise a support ticket and we can do this for you. This will mean that whenever you edit the destination numbers for any number then all the group destinations change, as they all point to the same group.