How do I cancel my account?

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We hate to see you go, but if you no longer wish to keep your free number and close your account then simply follow these steps.

1 – Log in to the portal
2 – Click on NUMBERS
3 – Click on your virtual number
4 – Click on CANCEL NUMBER

If you see an error saying that there is a service (VoIP for example) attached to the number then please go to SERVICES on the portal and delete this service first, then delete the number.

When an account has no numbers on it our systems will automatically set the status of the account to cancelled. This will set your account to cancelled, but allow you to log back in at a future date in order to retrieve invoices etc, or reuse the account for more numbers or VoIP services.

If you wish to shred your account completely, or if you are having problems cancelling your account then please raise a support ticket and use the cancel account option.

## Reactivating a cancelled account

If your account has been marked as cancelled then you can reactivate this by simply topping up the account. This will then allow you to add new numbers, add VoIP/SIP users, add call bundles etc.

If there is no number on the account then you will need to immediately add a new number under the NUMBERS section, or the account will not be live.

If you have any problems reactivating an old account then simply use our CHAT facility on our website.

## Cancel my account and move the virtual number to another provider

If you wish to cancel the account with virtual Number People but wish to port the number to another provider then please see our FAQ on porting away numbers HERE.