Free trial period

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When you activate your Number People account with a free virtual phone number, we will give you a period to test our services for free. The free trail is to allow you to test out the service, as proof of concept, so that you know that the number is working and allow you to experience the service for real.

If you are using your number to forward or divert to a UK destination then we will give you a small test bundle of 20 minutes.

Non UK destinations

If you are forwarding to a non UK destination you will need to test the service for free using the VOIP/SIP extension. This is most commonly used via an app installed on a mobile phone which you use then to receive your calls. Calls received this way will always be free. The extension is free for the first month and the £1 per month thereafter.


Receiving calls via a VOIP/SIP extension is always free (with the exception of 0800 inbound). You can use lots of different devices to answer your calls this way including;

  • On a SIP / VOIP enabled phone
  • On a mobile app
  • Using an ATA box with a standard phone
  • Using a PC/Laptop

More detailed information can be found here VOIP/SIP


Make a test call

Test your number by calling it from your mobile or landline phone, and make sure that the call connects (answer the call).

If you do not make a connected test call to the virtual number within 30 days then we will assume that you do not want this number and will remove this from your account.


How long will the trial last

Your trial period will expire either after 30 days, or after your free bundle has depleted..

After the free period per has expired or is exhausted then you will need to top up.