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With Number People you can get a memorable telephone number from just £5 per month. Choose a number from any UK geographical area, an 0843, 033 or 0800 freephone, there are thousands to choose from!

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Memorable numbers are just that - numbers which are considered to be more memorable than standard issue telephone numbers, which are free.

Some numbers are more memorable than others, which means that there is variable pricing for numbers categorised as memorable numbers.

Our memorable numbers, sometimes referred to as Gold numbers have 6 different pricing bands, which start at just £5.00 per months, so you won't have to pay a fortune for a professional looking memorable number.

What makes a telephone number more memorable than others?

Memorable numbers, are also known as Vanity, Gold, Platinum or Cherished numbers. Memorable numbers are phone numbers which have certain patterns within them giving them meaning or making them much more likely to be remembered.

Here are just a few examples of numbers which would classify as memorable;

Single repeating numbers - 1111,2222,3333
Double repeating numbers - 1212, 2323, 4545
Tens - 102030, 102010
Triple numbers - XXX333, 111222
Pairs of repeating numbers - 4455, 5566, 6677
Sequential numbers - 1234, 4567, 5432
Numbers giving some meaning - 365247, 247247
Palindromes - 123321, 101101
007 numbers - XXX007, 007XXX

How can I get a memorable number for my business?

Getting a memorable number for your business is really simple. Using our number selector you can choose the area code you require and then click on memorable numbers, you will then be shown a selection of numbers for that area. If you have an idea of what sort of number you need then you can also search for certain number strings and if they are available then they will be shown below.

Once you have selected your number you can sign up free with no upfront costs, and have a trial period prior to making any payment to us

You can choose to forward the number to various different destinations, and either pay for the call on a pay as you use basis, or you can opt to add a call bundle. Our call bundles start at just £5.00 per month for 200 minutes of UK forwarding or add an unlimited call forwarding bundle for just £10.00 per month.

Add VoIP/SIP users at £1 per month each and make calls outbound displaying your number as the outbound caller ID (CLI). VoIP/SIP users can receive calls free, distribute inbound calls between users and call each other FREE. You can find out more about this VoIP/SIP service here.

Once you have tested the number and you are happy with the service you can then pay for the number on a monthly basis.

How much does it cost to get a memorable number?

Number People provide memorable telephone numbers for every budget. We have 6 different price bands starting at just £5.00 per month.

There is no payment required on sign up and we also give you a small test credit to allow you to trial our services prior to making your 1st monthly payment.

Why choose a memorable phone number?

  • Enhance Customer Perception
  • Attract more customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Use it to build your brand
  • Perfect for use in printed media, radio or TV advertising
  • Easily measure success via online customer portal
  • Instant connection of phone numbers
  • Online real call time statistics
  • Establish a local presence in any region of the UK, with no physical presence required
  • Go UNLIMITED from just £10 per month - covers all of your forwarded calls to standard UK landlines or standard UK mobiles
  • Forward calls anywhere within the UK or internationally
  • Add VoIP/SIP users @ £1 per month - receive calls free and make low cost outbound calls
  • VoIP/SIP users can call out displaying the new number as the outbound caller ID (CLI)
  • FREE Call Whisper Service - Activate Call Whisper and a message will be played to you (not the caller) before the call is connected, this allows you to recognise that the call is from your Number People number.
  • Free, instant online activation
  • Works with any landline or mobile phone
  • Easy to use, self service customer web portal for 24/7 access
  • UK based customer service and support
Talk Plans

When you activate your free account you will automatically be on the STANDARD plan. To change talk plan simply purchase a bundle via the online portal.
Talk plan bundles last for 30 days with no contract or minimum period.

Unlimited call forwarding

Unlimited Call Forwarding for your new number for just £10 per month*

International call forwarding

Get a UK number which can be forwarded virtually anywhere in the world

Make outbound calls

Make outbound calls using your new number as your caller ID

Speedy set-up

With no hassle or fuss you can quickly activate a telephone number of your choice with no upfront payment

Low call rates

Divert to landlines for 1½ppm. Mobiles for just 7ppm. 0800 numbers cost an additional 7½ppm.

Pre pay

Top up as and when you need to, or opt for your balance to be topped up automatically - it's up to you!

No contract

No contract ties, commitments or initial payment required

Mobile portal

Make instant changes, view balance, top up and add more numbers via our mobile portal

Free trial

No initial payment required - test your number for free before you need to top up