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999 Registration details for UK based customers

When using VoIP you need to register your address for 999 services. This information is sent directly to the UK 999 emergency services and used in the case that you dial 999. This information can be edited later via the portal but address registration is mandatory to comply with Ofcom regulations

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Unlimited call forwarding

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International call forwarding

Get a UK number which can be forwarded virtually anywhere in the world

Make outbound calls

Make outbound calls using your new number as your caller ID

Why have a 01765 virtual phone number?

Want to give your customers the impression you are based in Ripon or North Yorkshire? You can with a FREE Ripon 01765 virtual phone number from Number People.

Whether you need a new 01765 virtual phone number for a new business startup in Ripon or just need an 01765 number for advertising purposes, Number People have the Ripon virtual phone number for you.

What is a virtual phone number?

Ofcom allocate 01765 virtual phone numbers in the same way as standard BT 01765 line phone numbers.

01765 virtual phone numbers are allocated in every UK 01765 location but are hosted in the cloud instead of being pointed directly to a BT telephone line.

How does it work?

When calls are received by the 01765 Ripon virtual phone number then our network immediately forwards these to the destination telephone numbers that you have chosen.


BT 01765 phone numbers can only handle one call at a time, Number People 01765 virtual phone numbers can handle multiple calls.

Our state of the art call distribution allows you to receive multiple simultaneous calls and distribute these across up to 10 different telephone numbers, so you should never miss another customer call again.

You can also access call statistics as well as detailed call records in real time from the mobile optimised web portal.

Low Cost

You won’t find a cheaper 01765 Ripon virtual phone number supplier.

Number People don’t charge activation fees or line rentals for your 01765 phone number, we just charge from 1.5p per minute to forward your calls to your destination phone numbers.

  • No initial or ongoing cost for our free local telephone numbers
  • Top up as and when you need to - no monthly charges
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Instant number activation
  • Create a presence in any UK town or city
  • Target customers who only shop locally
  • Create a community feel to your business
  • Create a better service to customers who don't like calling mobiles
  • Use local numbers to advertise in the Yellow Pages, Thomson Directories, local newspapers & radio and other 'local' media
  • Create call stats showing you how many calls you’re receiving and from where in the UK
  • Ensure all calls are instantly answered by routing your geo to the appropriate landline or mobile
  • Keep your 01/02 number for life (even if you relocate)
  • Built-in disaster recovery – re-route your calls even if your landlines go down

Get your FREE 01765 Ripon virtual telephone number today

  • £0 per number per month rental
  • £0 upfront cost
  • NO card details needed
  • Instant activation
  • Free call credit for testing
  • Forward calls to a landline for 1.5p per minute
  • Forward calls to a mobile for 7p per minute
  • No minimum term
  • No contract
  • No commitment
  • Top up your account from just £5
  • Auto topup so you never run out of credit
  • Mobile optimised online web portal
  • Access call forwarding management online 24/7/365
  • Call statistics via the online portal
  • Make your business look local
  • No engaged tones
  • Never miss another call
Talk Plans

When you activate your free account you will automatically be on the STANDARD plan. To change talk plan simply purchase a bundle via the online portal.
Talk plan bundles last for 30 days with no contract or minimum period.

Speedy set-up

With no hassle or fuss you can quickly activate a telephone number of your choice with no upfront payment

Low call rates

Divert to landlines for 1½ppm. Mobiles for just 7ppm. 0800 numbers cost an additional 7½ppm.

Pre pay

Top up as and when you need to, or opt for your balance to be topped up automatically - it's up to you!

No contract

No contract ties, commitments or initial payment required

Mobile portal

Make instant changes, view balance, top up and add more numbers via our mobile portal

Free trial

No initial payment required - test your number for free before you need to top up

Go unlimited with Number People

Unlimited call forwarding means that you don’t have to worry about the cost of call forwarding, it’s all included.

Unlimited call forwarding costs £10 (£20 if you have an 0800 number) and covers all of your calls to standard UK mobile and landline numbers.

Answer your calls more professionally

Call whisper allows you to quickly know if an incoming call is business or personal, so you can answer appropriately.

Call whisper is a free service and simply plays you an announcement before connecting any calls via your 01765 virtual phone number, so you can easily tell if a call is a customer.

Make VoIP calls using your new 01765 virtual phone number

Making calls is easy using our VoIP calling out service. This VoIP calling service allows your users to each call out using your 01765 virtual phone number as the outbound caller ID.

VoIP calling is available to use on any smart phone, laptop, PC or tablet via a softphone download. You can have as many VoIP users as you need, who can additionally call each other free using their extension numbers.

Other reasons to get an 01765 Ripon virtual phone number FREE from Number People

Look more professional

Statistics show that people who advertise landline phone numbers are perceived to be more trustworthy than people advertising using a mobile phone number.

Number People 01765 Ripon virtual phone numbers give the appearance of having a landline phone or office, which makes your business appear to be better established and more reliable than people who do not advertise an 01765 landline number.

In short, using an 01765 virtual phone number number for advertising your business makes your business look better established and should bring you more customers.

Answer more calls

The problem with normal landlines or mobile phones is that you cannot distribute inbound properly, or people hear the engaged tone.

Using an 01765 Ripon virtual phone number from Number People means that you are able to distribute inbound calls to your 01765 virtual phone number to us to 10 different locations.

Setting up your inbound call distribution for your 01765 virtual phone number is simple and done via our online web portal.

You can add up to 10 different destination telephone numbers which will ring at the same time for all call traffic to your 01765 virtual phone number.

Our online portal means that you are able to update the call routing for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number at any time by simply logging in on either your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Get more business in your own local area

You are based within the Ripon 01765 area

Target new clients that are typically looking for services in the Ripon or North Yorkshire area, such as garages or dentists, or other industries that require the need for face to face meetings.

You won’t need to go to the expense of arranging the installation of another fixed 01765 telephone line, simply select your Ripon 01765 virtual phone number and set the destination phone numbers that you would like your calls to be transferred to, which can include a mix of up to 10 mobiles and landlines.

Be in Ripon, without actually being in Ripon

If you are located in or around the North Yorkshire area and would like to have a better visibility across the area then you might wish to have more local telephone numbers for each of the local areas. This is good for services that people select because of being seen as ‘local’.

Having multiple phone numbers in the region will allow you to advertise in multiple areas and target people who are specifically looking for local services, allowing you to advertise to a larger market. Having a telephone number in the 01765 or nearby prefix will give the impression that you are based nearby or have a regional office in that area.

Be local, without being local

You are based in the UK, but nowhere near the Ripon 01765 area.

Number People not only supply 01765 Ripon virtual phone number but can also supply virtual phone numbers for the rest of the country. This enables you to have a virtual presence in any UK location without needing to have a physical office there.

Measure your advertising and marketing campaigns

Check that your advertising is working by checking statistics.

When running a new advertising campaign, you can choose another Ripon 01765 virtual phone number just for this campaign. This way when someone calls the new Ripon 01765 virtual phone number, the call is registered as a call record and using the online web portal you will be able to see how many calls were a direct result of that particular campaign.

Other reasons to get Ripon 01765 virtual phone number include:

  • Keep your virtual 01765 Ripon virtual phone number if you move
  • Keeping your existing phone numbers private
  • Giving a professional impression instead of advertising mobile numbers
  • Making sure that you never miss another call by having more people in your call distribution list to make sure that the call is answered.

01765 Ripon virtual phone numbers

You can create a virtual office in Ripon by forwarding your 01765 Ripon phone calls to your existing mobile phone or landlines. You don’t need to actually be based in Ripon to use an 01765 virtual phone number and have a local presence in Ripon.

Ripon 01765 virtual phone numbers are also known as:

  • 01765 Ripon smart numbers
  • 01765 Ripon ghost numbers
  • 01765 Ripon DDI numbers
  • 01765 Ripon virtual numbers
  • 01765 Ripon call forwarding numbers
  • 01765 Ripon call divert numbers
  • 01765 Ripon routing numbers
  • 01765 Ripon ring to numbers
  • 01765 Ripon regional numbers
  • 01765 Ripon smart numbers

How do I get a Ripon 01765 virtual phone number?

Getting a Ripon 01765 virtual phone number is very easy and activation is instant and free.

  1. Click on the list of available Ripon 01765 virtual phone numbers and either select an 01765 number or click on the forward arrow to see more 01765 numbers to choose from.
  2. Once you are happy with your Ripon 01765 virtual phone number, click on the "DONE" button.
  3. Next, complete the 4 boxes with your destination number to forward your inbound calls to, your name and email address so that we can send you a link to verify your account and activate the Ripon 01765 virtual phone number.
  4. To finish simply set a password that will be used when logging in to the online portal.

Online Web Portal

The online web portal is optimised to use on mobile phones and allows you to do the following-

  • Update the destination call routing for your virtual 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • Add more destination phone numbers for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • View call statistics for your virtual 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • View call records for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • Download call records as a CSV file for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • Add more virtual 01765 Ripon virtual phone numbers
  • Add other virtual regional, 0800 freephone or 0843 non geographic virtual phone numbers
  • Top-up call forwarding credit for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • Set the auto Top-up facility to make sure you never run out of call forwarding credit for your virtual 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • View invoices for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number
  • View, edit and update your personal details
  • Cancel your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number

Free trial

Number People give you a free trial with every 01765 Ripon virtual phone number.

We give you up to 4 minutes of free calls for testing purposes, allowing you to pick a number and test it without ever paying a penny, or giving out card details.

With Number People you can set up and activate an 01765 Ripon virtual phone number in less than a minute, which is probably the quickest, simplest and least cost way of getting an 01765 Ripon virtual phone number in the industry.


Number People offer customer support via the following methods:

  • Online support ticket system - click on SUPPORT from our website
  • Live Chat - click on the chat icon on our website
  • If you cannot access either of these methods then call us on 03333 444211 and one of our customer services advisors will be happy to help

Want more numbers?

Number People do not limit the amount of virtual phone number you can use. Adding more virtual phone numbers is simple and costs just £1 each to activate with no monthly fees.

With Number People you can add:

Call Credit

When you initially activate your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number, we give you up to 4 minutes of calling credit. This allows you to test your 01765 virtual phone number so that you can see how simply everything works.

After this you will need to top up your call credit in order to pay for the cost of forwarding the inbound calls from your 01765 Ripon number on to the destination phone numbers that you select.

You can top up call credit for your 01765 Ripon virtual phone number by visiting the online portal. Call credit is available from only £5 and does not expire.

If you decide to add more 01765 Ripon virtual phone numbers or any other virtual phone numbers then these will all share the same call credit.


Want to resell 01765 Ripon virtual phone numbers to your clients?

Simply book each client an account on our website with either an 01765 Ripon virtual phone number or any other type of virtual phone number and then use our simple CDR download in order to bill your clients.

All types of people like to resell virtual 01765 Ripon numbers, including:

  • Telecoms resellers
  • IT companies
  • PC repair companies
  • Signwriters
  • Accountants
  • Printers
  • And many more….

In fact pretty much any business that deals with customers who might currently advertise their mobile phone number.

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