Introducing our Call Whisper Service

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Our Call Whisper Service has now been launched.. and it’s FREE!

The call whisper will play a short message to you (the recipient) before connecting your incoming call.  This will enable you to distinguish between a personal call and a call to your new Number People number, helping you to answer the call appropriately.

The whisper recording is set and will play the following message “This call is from your Number People number

The person calling you will not hear anything other than the normal ring tone.

  • Distinguish between calls which have been forwarded from your Number People number and normal direct calls.
  • Ideal for business calls forwarded to your personal lines –  which need to be professionally greeted
  • No additional equipment required – simply activate via the customer portal and it will be instantly active

You can add a whisper to any or all of your Number People numbers and it will be activated straight away.  You can do this yourself online via your customer portal.  Just visit the portal and click on numbers, next just select the number you wish to add the whisper to, and then click on call whisper.  If you want to remove it at any point you simply follow the same procedure.

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