My inbound calls are failing

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If inbound callers to your virtual number are not being connected or if a message from us is played then please firstly try the following before submitting a ticket –

Log in to the portal using the credentials that you set up when you activated your account and check your account balance.
– if your balance is very low then you might not have enough call credit to pay for the forwarded leg of the call to your destination number
– in this case please simply top up your account and try again after a minute.

If you have a call bundle on your account to pay for the call diversion cost then log in to the portal and under the SERVICES tab check to see if the bundle is still active and has not expired.
– if this has expired then simply top up credit and purchase the bundle again

If you have Auto Topup enabled then please log in to the portal and check your account balance
– Auto topup might have attempted to take a payment from your card, but if this is declined for any reason then we automatically switch the Auto Topup system off to prevent it spamming your card with payment requests.
– in this case simply add credit manually and then set up the Payment method again under the Auto Topup section of the portal

VoIP allows you to receive unlimited calls free over the internet, however if you are not receiving calls over VoIP/SIP then please check the following-
– Make sure that your VoIP app is displaying as REGISTERED. If not then switch it off and back on again.
– If you have a destination phone number active on the FORWARD CALLS TO section of the portal and your account balance is too low then this will prevent the call from completing, as our systems will have to take in to account the possibility of the call being answered by the destination number, and will rate it accordingly.
– in this case simply remove the destination phone number from the FORWARD CALLS TO section of the portal and leave the VoIP user active there.
– If you have activated a VoIP/SIP user yourself then make sure that this is added to the number that you wish for this to ring for inbound calls. Do this by visiting the FORWARD CALLS TO section and then add the VoIP user.

If none of these help then please raise a support ticket by clicking on SUPPORT and will investigate this further for you.