Zoiper and Iphones

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If you are using the Zoiper softphone client on an iphone then please CLICK HERE to see our advice on configuring the keep alive setting which is found on the bottom of the post.

Without the keep alive setting configured for Zoiper, your iphone will stop the zoiper app working in the background which will mean that you cannot receive calls.

Without this in place, When you click on the Zoiper app to make a call this opens the app in memory and will work, but the app will only stay alive for a short period of time and will then be stopped in the background by the power settings on the iphone.

Configuring the keep alive correctly for Zoiper should stop the power settings stopping the app in the background, however if this still persists then the cause may be your wifi router blocking your connection. To test if this is the case simply switch off wifi and use mobile data on your device and see if the problem persists.

If you are still having issues with Zoiper then simply raise a support ticket by clicking on SUPPORT and we will be happy to help.