Number divert service
When you need a number divert service then this Number People have FREE numbers for the whole of the UK. Simply select a FREE 0800, 033, 0843 or local telephone number and activate it FREE with NO upfront charges, NO monthly fees and LOW call forwarding rates.

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Unlimited call forwarding

Unlimited Call Forwarding for your new number for just £10 per month*

International call forwarding

Get a UK number which can be forwarded virtually anywhere in the world

Make outbound calls

Make outbound calls using your new number as your caller ID

Advertise a local or national number

Our FREE divert number service is a great solution for people who would like to advertise a local or national telephone number - but have it diverted to an existing phone number to answer at your home, office or when you’re on the move on your mobile.

It's just like having a business line for your mobile - as inbound calls to your divert number will forward calls to up to 10 UK landlines or mobiles phones.

Quickly get a telephone number up and running with instant online activation, NO upfront costs, NO monthly charges, NO contract, NO card details needed, FREE trial credit and LOW call forwarding rates.

If you prefer to be in more control of your costs, why not add an UNLIMITED call forwarding bundle onto your new number. This will then cover all of your UK forwarded calls - either to your UK landline or UK mobile. If you get either a 01,02,03 or 0843 number then the unlimited bundle is just £10 per month, and if you have an 0800 number then the bundle costs just £20 per month. You can add your bundle onto your number via the online portal once you have activated your account.

Sometimes advertising a mobile number or home phone number as your business number just doesn’t look good. It can leave you looking semi professional and put off potential new customers. A local or national phone number can really improve the feel of your business and also means you don't have to expose your personal mobile number.

A lot of businesses also choose to set up lots of different divert numbers for multiple geographical areas to suggest a presence in other local towns - expanding their potential customer base instantly.

You can even make outbound calls using your new Number people number as your outbound caller ID. This is available with our VoIP/SIP extensions, which also allow you to receive calls with no call forwarding costs! You can find out more about this outbound calling service here

Divert phone number costsCost
Divert phone number upfront cost£0.00
Divert phone number monthly fee£0.00
Divert phone number activation fee£0.00
Cost of calling UK landlines£0.015 (1.5p)
Cost of calling UK mobiles£0.07 (7p)
Minimum call charge£0.01 (1p)
Calls rounded up to the nearest penny£0.01 (1p)
Contract duration0 months
Customer services/support (UK based)24/7/365

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  • Establish a local presence in any region of the UK, with no physical presence required
  • Gain trust with local customers – important for services like taxis or tradespeople
  • Simple to set up
  • First number free, no upfront cost
  • Works with any landline or mobile phone
  • Huge choice of numbers including 01,02,03 or 08 numbers
  • Pre-pay for your diverted calls - just top up as and when you need to
  • Or Go UNLIMITED from just £10 per month - covers all of your forwarded calls to standard UK landlines or standard UK mobiles
  • Divert calls to up to 10 different phones - landlines and/or mobiles
  • FREE Call Whisper Service - Activate Call Whisper and a message will be played to you (not the caller) before the call is connected, this allows you to recognise that the call is from your Number People number.
  • Add VoIP/SIP users @ £1 per month - receive calls free and make low cost outbound calls
  • VoIP/SIP users can call out displaying the new number as the outbound caller ID (CLI)
  • Improves the appearance of your business
  • Expand your business into new geographical areas
  • No additional technology required
  • Pre-pay for your diverted calls - just top up as and when you need to
  • Easy to use, self service customer web portal for 24/7 access
  • UK based customer service and support
Talk Plans

When you activate your free account you will automatically be on the STANDARD plan. To change talk plan simply purchase a bundle via the online portal.
Talk plan bundles last for 30 days with no contract or minimum period.

Speedy set-up

With no hassle or fuss you can quickly activate a telephone number of your choice with no upfront payment

Low call rates

Divert to landlines for 1½ppm. Mobiles for just 7ppm. 0800 numbers cost an additional 7½ppm.

Pre pay

Top up as and when you need to, or opt for your balance to be topped up automatically - it's up to you!

No contract

No contract ties, commitments or initial payment required

Mobile portal

Make instant changes, view balance, top up and add more numbers via our mobile portal

Free trial

No initial payment required - test your number for free before you need to top up