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We are excited to let you know about 3 fantastic new services which are due to be launched shortly (don’t worry, we will keep you informed when they are live!)

We have been able to add these new services due to the exceptional demand for our free virtual phone numbers and by listening to our existing customers we are able to add these to compliment our service.

So, what are they?

Unlimited Call Bundles

Currently, whenever someone calls you on your new free virtual phone number – you pay a flat rate amount for the incoming call.

The new Unlimited Call bundles means that you no longer have to pay a flat rate amount for every minute of every incoming call you receive.  Instead, you can now purchase the Unlimited Bundle which lasts 30 days on your account and covers all of your UK forwarded calls.  You can set up Auto Top-up on your account which will ensure that the amount is taken the following month, or if you prefer you can manually top-up as and when you need to.

Full information on the Unlimited Call Bundles can be found here


International Call Forwarding

We currently are able to forward calls to UK destinations.  This new service removes that UK only restriction and allows you to forward your calls virtually anywhere in the world!

  • Allow customers, friends or family to contact you via a “local” number
  • UK caller won’t be charged for making an international call
  • Truely reachable anywhere in the world
  • Caller will hear a normal ring UK tone and will not be aware of the call forwarding

Read the full information here


Outbound Calling

So, you have your new number – but you also want to be dial out via this number? Yes, we are adding this too!

No complicated dial in codes or fiddly set up – just a simple solution.  You can use an app loaded onto your smart phone or laptop/PC and set up outbound calling using your new free virtual number as your outbound caller ID. simply top up your account to pay for your outbound calls at our fantastic flat rate charges.

For more information click here

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