Happy Birthday to us!

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It’s our birthday!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole 12 months since we launched Number People.  So much time and thought was put into the concept and we are so pleased that all the hard work has paid off.


We have had an overwhelming demand for our service which we believe has been due to its simplicity and design.


The first 6 months saw a massive uptake in our services, but we also listened to our customers and gained a better understanding of their needs and expectations.


The second half of the year was spent putting together additional services to accommodate these needs.  Our marketing and technical teams’ main focus was to ensure that these services were also simple to use and set up, whilst complementing the existing strategy of no contracts or commitments required.  


We were very excited to launch new additions to our already popular service, and over the past 2 months we have been able to launch 4 of these into our Number People services including;


  • Unlimited call forwarding bundles
  • International call forwarding
  • Outbound calling
  • Call whisper


Unlimited call forwarding

Our core product allows users to top up their account as and when they need to and pay a flat low rate for the call forwarding. However, clients kept telling us that they wanted to pay a set amount each month to cover all of their calls and have control over their spend…. So, unlimited call forwarding bundles were born.


International call forwarding

We noticed quite quickly that our services were in demand across the globe, and people wanted to use our numbers internationally.  Clients wanted to answer their calls wherever they were, even when outside of the UK. Again we listened, and we added the facility to forward calls to virtually any global landline or mobile phone in the world at very low call rates.


Outbound calling

We always planned to offer this facility, but we wanted users to be able to set this up very simply, without anything complicated to do.  We put a lot of manpower into adding this onto the customer portal, making the process of adding an outbound calling extension idiot proof (yes, anyone can do this)  Outbound calling allows you to call out using your new number as the caller ID, so it’s really useful and works really well.  We even have this on offer at the moment where your 1st month of this service is free… (we want everyone to try it to see how brilliant it is!)


Call whisper

So this was one of the first and probably most practical services that our customers asked for.  This allows our customers to be able to recognise that the call they are receiving is a call to their new number, allowing the user to answer the call appropriately.  This service is absolutely free of charge and is automatically switched on when the number is set up, if you don’t need it you can switch it off via the portal.


So, 12 months on we are really proud of what we have achieved and can not wait to see what the next 12 months hold. Thank you to all our customers and staff for being part of our journey so far!


Remember that if you have any feedback or need any help then our chat facility on our website is the quickest way to speak to us.


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